4 Ways to Fall Asleep Faster

Are you tired? Getting more restful sleep is easier than you think. By adjusting a few habits and making some changes in your bedroom, you will be on your way to a great night’s sleep. Here are some great ideas to help you get to sleep and stay asleep on a consistent basis:

Make some space

Is your bedroom cluttered? Clutter is distracting and overwhelming when you are attempting to go to sleep. So set up 4 large boxes or bags which are labeled Keep, Throw Away, Move and Give Away. Then get to work sorting the clutter. Once you have separated everything, throw away the garbage and put the Give Away box or bag in your car so the next time you are out running errands, you can drop it off at your local Church, Good Will or other place where you would donate these items. Now take the other items that need to be moved and distribute them to their proper place. Finally, you will want to put away everything that is staying. Make sure to have a place for everything. Ahhhhhh, isn’t that better

Have a routine

This prepares the body for rest. I have a simple routine. I put on my PJs on about an hour or so before I go to bed. When it is time to go to bed, I brush my teeth and then get into bed. I get into a relaxing position by placing a pillow or two under my knees and a pillow under my neck. If I am less tired, I will read first then listen to a relaxing CD that a friend of mine gave me. If I feel like I can fall asleep more easily or am really tired, I will just listen to the CD.  If you snore, you may want to use an anti-snoring device like ZQuiet.

Get rid of that TV

I had a TV in my room for years. I also had trouble falling asleep. The reason you want to remove your TV is to make your room a place where typically the only activity going on in this room is sleeping. If you spend hours watching TV in your room, it confuses the mind because it is not sure whether to sleep or stay awake. To rid yourself of this internal struggle, and to help your subconscious connect this room with sleep and not other activities, you should remove the TV altogether.

I do have a friend that can only sleep when the TV is on so in her case, I wouldn’t want to remove the thing that helps her sleep. However, if you are not having any luck getting to sleep and staying asleep, taking the TV out of the room can do wonders. It did for me!


It is important to give yourself at least 20-30 minutes of relaxation or calm activity time each night before you go to bed. This gives the body time to relax and prepare for sleep. How many times have you had a day that just ran a little longer than you thought and by the time you get home, it is your bedtime or past your bedtime. A lot of people will just go to bed. This is a mistake even if it is past your bedtime. Being worked up from the day and not giving yourself a period of calm will actually make getting to sleep extremely difficult. Your brain is still on awake mode and going at a faster speed. So even if you can only squeeze in 10 minutes of down time, do it.

Activities you can do before bed that are relaxing may include watching TV, meditating, praying, yoga, writing in a journal, taking a warm bath or doing some relaxation or breathing exercises. I generally watch TV but make sure I am not watching a scary movie or emotionally charged show as this is not relaxing.

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