Review of The Sugar Solution: Get Blood Sugar Under Control Naturally

Not everyone who has high blood sugar has diabetes, but they may be overweight, lethargic or depressed.

When people follow The Sugar Solution’s advice, they will lose weight, gain energy and reduce the likelihood of developing diabetes, heart disease or cancer.

Supplements and Herbs for Better Blood Sugar

One of the natural blood sugar control remedies includes dandelion. Who knew? Dandelions aren’t bad in tea or salad. Many other interesting and unusual herbal remedies are expanded upon in The Sugar Solution (Sari Harrar with Julia VanTine, Rodale Inc., ISBN-10 1579549128). Exercise and a total lifestyle and diet change are still encouraged, because there is not one miracle cure.

Healthy Eating for Lower Blood Sugar

Wondering what types of tea and spices lower blood sugar levels? It’s included in chapter 15 (“Eating the Sugar Solution Way”). If anyone’s wondering where to begin at the grocery store, there’s a handy detailed grocery list of staples to assist with cooking healthier.

Chapter 27 puts it all together with a “Sugar Solution 30 Day Lifestyle Makeover”.It includes a menu plan, tips on lowering stress and information on how to burn calories. A nutritionist who specializes in blood sugar control designed it, helping to ensure the plan will be effective for lowering blood sugar.

At the end there are “100-Plus Mouth Watering Recipes”. Many of the recipes are familiar comfort foods that taste similar, but have lower fat and sugar. Meat loaf, blueberry muffins, brownies and fried chicken are some of the familiar recipe examples. Also included are exotic Greek, Indian, Mexican and Italian recipes.

Exercise for Better Blood Sugar

In order for people to improve their health, they have to get moving. There’s a quiz that helps pinpoint the best type of exercise to match individual personalities, motivations and lifestyles.

Chapter 21 details four walking routines that will improve the health of beginners or experienced walkers. Included are sensible tips for finding comfortable walking shoes. A pedometer is mentioned as an easy way to count steps and motivate people to walk more.

Stress and Blood Sugar

Stress takes its toll on people’s bodies and affects blood sugar levels. Good advice includes get rest; find new hobbies, volunteer or go for counseling. Also included is the suggestion to take a course on stress management.

Type 2 Diabetes in Children

There’s interesting information and statistics in The Sugar Solution that explains why type 2 diabetes is increasing in children. The bottom line is that bad eating habits and inactivity leads to obesity. This sort of lifestyle increases the risk of diabetes in everyone. Prevention is discussed and encouraged to make a good example for children, and improve the whole family’s health.

  • The Sugar Solution is arranged into four parts as well as chapters for easy subject reference. Sari Harrar is an experienced senior health news editor for Prevention magazine and is knowledgeable about the importance of controlling blood sugar.

Sari Harrar and Julia VanTine backs up their well organized information with medical research, a menu plan and detailed exercise programs. This book would benefit anyone interested in improving their health and not just those at risk for diabetes.